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My Story


I began sewing at a very young age from my Great Aunt Clara, who was a seamstress.  She began by teaching me needlepoint and cross stitch but I always wanted to use the sewing machine. Aunt Clara would not allow me to use the machine until I demonstrated my proficiency of sewing by hand.  When I finally got to use the sewing machine she taught me to sew everything from a simple skirt to prom dresses.  

For many years I only sewed to make gifts for friends and family. Now my children are older and entering college so my husband suggested I go back to work.  However, I did not want to return to a 9 to 5 job so I thought "What if I can sell the items I usually make for gifts?"  I purchased my first embroidery machine and began making items for school fundraisers and small craft fairs.  These items sold quite well and thus I decided to begin my own business. 

I hope you find my products as enjoyable as I do.  Thank You for your Business.

My Sewing Buddies Sunny and K.C.

About the business


The Winning Stitch is more than just beautiful, custom embroidery; we also hand-craft the majority of our products! Surprise and delight your loved ones with unique goods for home, bath, baby, or yourself. We also have a wide repertoire of products for businesses and sports teams. Browse the catalog or visit us at our next event! 

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