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When you tuck your little one in don't forget their sweet dreams animal companion to cuddle--part blanket, part stuffed animal, this is sure to be a winning combination. Make it extra special with a customized embroidered name or message. 


*If you are looking for the Cream Puff Lovey that comes as part of Cream Puff Gift Basket, please contact The Winning Stitch directly. 



24 inches x 14 inches



For the blanket part, satin on one side and soft minky on the other. Soft minky is a luxurious, especially plush fabric created for baby items that is softer and thicker than fleece. Its warmth and color will not diminish or fade or time. The lining is also satin. 


For the animal part, soft minky entirely.

Sweet Dreams Lovey Blanket

  • Machine wash warm and tumble dry low. 

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